Atrauman Ag

image035Atrauman Ag is a polyamide fabric coated with metallic silver and impregnated with a non medicated neutral lipid. Its soft, thin support fabric drapes easily over the wound to ensure close contact. The silver provides an antimicrobial barrier, which is useful for the management of contaminated wounds, helping reduce the risk of bacetrial colonisation. Bacteria on the dressing surface are killed by silver ions, which are activated by the moist wound environment. Atrauman Ag is effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms and suitable for use in chronic wounds of various aetiologies.Atrauman Ag is impregnated with a triglyceride based ointment. While the silver in Atruaman Ag remains active for up to 7 days, for best results the dressing should be changed after 3-4 days.