Autransfusion set

image067Autransfusion set  (system of reimport of  the lost blood in the patient’s organism  with the system of recycling)
Safe and effective method to reduce transfusions   in interventions of total knee replacement constitutes the use of autotransfusion after surgery.
The system of autotransfusion is effective in reducing the risks of providing foreign blood , affordable and much cheaper than the cross of  blood, while it constitutes  solution in cases that  some patients for religious reasons refuse the transfusion from other person.

The system of blood predonation » includes :
1.A full wound drainage device low vacuum type harp, capacity 125ml, with 2 trocar,
2 catheters in sizes No14 and No18 and 700ml and bag for blood collection with a special filter 200m.It has got  non regression valves, fasteners LUER LOCK, pipe clamps, system of  suspension and plugs for safety . Individually  packed and sterile.
2.Triple filter of refinement of blood , individually packed and sterile.
3.Refill sterile bag of drainage  700ml.
4. Brace of catheter for its safe drainage.