Welcome to Bonnevie Pharmaceuticals SA website.

Our company was created by people, who have many years of experience in the Healthcare sector. This experience has led to our specialization in medical equipment for plastic surgery , dermatology , regional anesthesia, oncology and general surgery.

Our main goals :

  • Quick, valid and efficient response to high standard demands and challenges.
  • Provision of high quality medical products in accordance to the needs and the evolution of medicine.

We maintain valid connections with major companies of the medical field, and we cooperate with hospitals of both public and private sector.

Our policy is based on the principles of:

  • Improvement
  • Evolution
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity

And is always applied according to our client’s needs and the greek laws.

We invest in the continuous training of our members, thus securing high quality in their activity.

Within this framework, our company, being innovative in its field, has acquired a QAS (Quality Assurance System) certificate for medical devices ΔΥ8/1348/2004, and an International Quality Management System certificate (ISO 9001:2008) from the National Evaluation Center of Quality and Technology in Health (EKAΠΤΥ)